Foto by Pablo Rodriguez Rivero

Canarian in Germany.
Dark as a dungeon.
Sick as a dog.
This machine kills assholes.
I am a demon and I love rock’n’roll.

„EvilMrSod is the solo project and also the alter-ego of Pablo Ramón Rodriguez Rivero, singer, guitar player and main composer for Fuckin’ Family Faces, the well known rock’n’roll band from Tenerife, Canary Islands. Born in Tenerife, stranded in Berlin a few years ago and recently moved to Leipzig, he is matured to an impressive singer and songwriter. As „EvilMrSod“ he combines very different music styles, he’s different, his style unmistakable. Folk-Rock, Country, Blues… each have their own place with EvilMrSod. He presents another facet in the singer/songwriter world: the dark side, the one with inconvenient stories but the naked truth. His almost 20 years stage experience have formed his diversity and developed his characteristic style that infects and carries away the audience again and again.
Winner of the German version of Emergenza Acoustic in 2007, he’s performed all around Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Luxenbourg, Italy, Spain, etc. Shows for five people in micro-bars or rooms with more than 500 people, in the last years EvilMrSod’s career has been spectacular.
And he’s got recognition not only as a performer but also as a composer: German band Northern Lite was so thrilled by his song “Girl With A Gun”, that they covered it and [released it] as the first radio single.“ (lifted from www.evilmrsod.de)

His raw rock’n’roll album „Still Alive And Well“ was published in September 30th 2015 as KSR005. „Ten songs written, recorded and mixed in only one day. Why? Only to prove it’s possible. And because that’s the kind of rock’n’roll EvilMrSod enjoys most: simple, fast and as far from intellectuality as possible. More The Stooges and less Radiohead.“ The follow-up record „The Gift„, released in February 2019 (KSR015), marked a return to the gritty, bluesy, Americana roots of Mr. Evil.

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