SPELLS – Loose Change Vol. 2

Everyone’s favorite five-piece vacation rock juggernaut from Denver, CO is now in its 10th year of raditude. SPELLS has recently been referred to as “hardcore for dorks” and they accept the tag willingly, even if they’re a bit more garage-punk in sound. Either way, they prove the accuracy of the “hardcore for dorks” tag with every live show they play. In the recorded works department, the band now brings us “Loose Change, Vol. 2”. The record will be available as a 12” vinyl LP on „Dolphin“ crystal clear/solid blue vinyl and „Dracula“ transparent red/black vinyl (with download), as well as a standalone digital long player. “LCV2” compiles earlier SPELLS material that has gone out of print or was only released digitally.

It’s the band’s second collection album and many of these songs are making their first appearance on vinyl. Each track has been expertly remastered for optimal aural stimulation. “Loose Change, Vol. 2″ is being released in both North America and Europe. To make all that happen, SLN is excited to share this release with several excellent labels, namely Motorcycle Potluck Records (USA), Big Neck Records (USA), Keep It A Secret Records (Germany) and Shield Recordings (The Netherlands). Not only does SPELLS rule, but they’re about to rule even harder and further than ever before!

You can order the album Loose Change Vol. 2 (KSR026) in LP version HERE.

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