Vodka Juniors


Vodka Juniors

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„When everything’s going wrong, everything around you seems like a movie you can’t relate to, you feel tired of everything and you ‘re at the bottom of the shit and everyone keeps pushing you, there comes a moment of clarity in your mind that you pick up the guitar and write a song about it. Then it feels a bit better. Then you put out the record and people get the songs and then comes a time you’re playing live and as you scream the words of that song there is a boy or a girl right in front of you that screams the same words as if it was his song. And then you realize you’re not alone… Nothing can ever beat that feeling… We wish we could play everyday…“ (from their FB).

You may not have heard of Vodka Juniors in case you are not from Greece, but there, they are the biggest punk band there is. Deservedly so. I saw them live at AKZ Metzgerstraße in Hanau and it is to this day the best ever show I’ve seen there, and I’ve been to that place a lot! They’ve been touring hard for more than a decade now, and at one instance they were booking a show sitting at my kitchen table that was two months away while they were already on that very tour! Then they released a 45-song long killer of a record called „Club Riot“, toured some more, and eventually their latest album „Warrior Anthem“ came out as KSR011 and is available here.

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