German Compliment

German Compliment is DIY punk fanzine from Mainz that I started in 2018 with my buddy Maeglin of Maeglin’s Blog fame. Among the regular contributors are Anna from Skinpin, Martina aka Martypants and our photographer Alex aka Aperture for Destruction (who hates Guns ‚N‘ Roses, by the way). The zine focuses on punk rock, DIY, touring and other bullshit connected to punk.
But what is a German Compliment? Where does the term come from? Our friend Willem of Antillectual put it this way: „There are generally 2 things you can recognize a German Compliment by: a German accent, obviously, and a very heavy “BUT” halfway the sentence. Right in the middle of the actual compliment and the honest yet confronting tip/critique/suggestion. German philosophy is known for its long sentences. The German Compliment continues in that tradition“ [see Issue #1]. And NOFX even wrote a song about it. If you’re curious now, check out the Facebook page, or pick up a copy at a show or order one at the Keep it a Secret shop.


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